How Sleeping Beauty and Han Solo Became a Couple…Otherwise Known As Cake Plan B

The Cake

The cake turned out nothing as I had envisioned, but they rarely do. I had to scrap the fondant plan and go with regular icing (I add in a teaspoon of almond flavoring too), because even though I thought I could figure it out, when push came to shove I didn’t have enough time to actually make it work.

For the creatures I decided to use gum paste instead and quickly found out that they were too heavy. The dragon ended up staying in gum paste, but as you can see his head sort of collapsed over onto the fire he was breathing:

Fire Breathing Dragon

I thought he was cute none the less, so I kept him.

The prince and the princess were just too heavy for gum paste and started toppling over. First thing Saturday morning Jamison’s mom, Alexis and I set off to Target to get a prince and princess. Alexis chose Sleeping Beauty as the princess, but they don’t make a prince doll, so we made due with Han Solo…(It was either him or Captain Jack Sparrow and I decided Han looked more princely! Don’t tell Princess Leia though, she might not be too happy about the match up! 😉 )

Sleeping Beauty

Han Solo To The Resue!

I ended up going with the old school chocolate cupcakes (Thanks again Garrett!) I mentioned the other day for the actual cupcakes and the middle layer of the cake. (Note: There were going to be two chocolate layers, but one of them committed suicide by jumping into a sink full of dirty dishes/water. What can you do?) The top and bottom layer of the cake are yellow cake.

Up Close


All in all we had a lovely party. Alexis loved her cake and that’s all that mattered in the end and she ended up with a princess and “handsome prince” to play with afterwards. There was food, balloons, bling and Alexis and her friends had fun making merry. What more can you ask for?


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