South Mountain Creamery Farm Festival


This morning we ventured over to Middletown, Maryland to visit South Mountain Creamery, who was having a family farm festival today! We’re customers of the creamery and I thought it would be fun to go over and see their operation in action. I’m all about seeing where your food comes from!

South Mountain Creamery Store, Middletown Maryland

The festival is today from 10-5 and then again tomorrow from 12-5 as well. You can see cows, goats, adult turkeys, baby turkeys, baby chickens, baby ducks, bunnies, honey bees and so much more! They have booths set up with food to enjoy and they have a store on site so you can try their wares. You can go on a hayride, play in rocks and most importantly (at least from Alexis’ point of view) you can pet a bunch of animals! It was really a fun and if you are in the Baltimore/DC Metro area then you should most definitely stop by!

And now for some more pictures!

This calf wanted to give Alexis a kiss:

Cow Kiss

It looks like he (or she) got her, but they didn’t.

Much to Alexis’ joy she got to pet some calves!

Pet the Calf

And she also got to pet some bunnies too:

Pet the Bunnies

We took a short hayride up the road and through one of the fields so I shot a picture from the back of the wagon.


They had some baby chicks and turkeys too.

Chicks and Baby Turkeys

They also had a duckling, but he was still in the incubator. They brought him out for a moment and let Alexis touch him, but I didn’t get a shot of that as I have a thing for ducks and was too busy ooing and ahhing over how adorable he was and how soft he was because well who can resist a baby duckling?

And last but not least they had a window box beehive so you could see inside.

Honey Bees

When I pointed out the queen to Alexis she told me “That can’t be the queen…Where’s her crown?” Yes all queens have crowns apparently. I must remember that for future reference. The lady standing next to us thought that was hilarious. That’s my child…The laugh riot! 😉

I also picked up a couple of Carbon tomato plants, which is a black tomato variety, as well as a couple of Cherokee purple plants. They are both heirloom varieties. I was also able to get a chocolate mint plant. I’ve always wanted to try chocolate mint, but had never located it before so I was beyond thrilled to find they had plants!

So that was our morning/early afternoon. We have had a very fun, very educational day so far and now we’re off the the local nursery! How did you spend your day! 😉

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