Zoo Day!

This morning Alexis and I took a little field trip to the zoo. We have season passes so we pop over for a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there. This morning the zoo was quite literally, well a zoo! It was muggy, because it’s rained here for like two weeks straight, there were mosquitoes everywhere, and there were several big, rowdy field trip groups out for their own little jaunts. Then to top it all off it started raining! Oh well. Lex had fun though!

The funny part was this turtle:


Look at that face…Could he be any more “You! Loud little things! Off my lawn!” He literally charged (or charged as much as a lumbering, over sized, hundred plus year old turtle can charge) toward the kids hovering around his pen to shoo them away. I felt immediate kinship with this guy! ;oP I mean seriously how cute is that scrunched up, puckered little face??

You wouldn’t know it from this picture but the place really was quite packed!


Alexis loves to feed the geese and ducks. And before anyone asks “What’s up with the back of her legs?” she wears her Wellies (rain boots) with everything! And I do mean everything! They come up just below her knees. She loves to wear them with her PJs, shorts, dresses, skirts, you name it and I probably have a picture, in the hundreds of thousands of pictures I’ve taken of her over the past almost six years, of her wearing her Wellies with most everything she’s worn! Sometimes however they don’t go smoothly under everything she wears and are a little bulky, as they are here with her yoga pants above.

Alexis also likes to feed the goats, lamas, pigs, alpaca, deer and the donkey:


I started putting hats on Lex when she was little to keep the sun off her pale skin and now she wears them everywhere! It’s like second nature for her to grab a hat when she leaves the house. She always gets comments on her “cool” hats so I think that is part of the fun for her too.

So all of that to say nothing, but I thought I’d share anyway! ;oP

Now let’s talk about next week! Last year Ice Cream week was such a hit that we’re going to do it again this year! And that week just happens to start on Monday!


Starting Monday morning you’ll get at least six five new ice cream recipes! One recipe is actually a frozen yogurt variation and you’ll even get a completely non-dairy, vegan ice cream as well! So stay tuned!

Friday Link Love will be up soon. Hope you’ve all had a great Friday so far!

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