Bread Salad

Bread Salad

I love all the fresh vegetables that are readily available this time of the year. It’s so easy to eat fresh and local when you’re in the height of the summer season! Most days, at least one meal (and sometimes two), there is a salad, utilizing these ingredients involved. I often eat salad for lunch, and many times there is a salad component to dinner too.

Salads are so much fun because you can have endless variations, using the same ingredients, only tweaking them a bit. Salads also don’t have to be boring and if you don’t want to use lettuce or some other green, who says you have to?

This salad takes lovely, ripe local tomatoes, and pairs them with other in season vegetables to make a fabulous base. Add in some cheese and the unexpected Challah Bread and you’ve got the perfect, cool, don’t heat up your house summer meal that really hits the spot! What could be better than that?

What You’ll Need:
2-3 cups of plum or cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 cucumber, cut in half and then sliced
1/2 a red onion, cut into strips
1 small bell pepper, cut into strips
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup of brown rice vinegar
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1/3 cup of parsley, chopped
1/2 loaf of Challah Bread, cut into cubes
1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese

First up let’s discuss glass bowls. I’ve gotten several e-mails as of late asking why I often specify glass bowls to use when mixing. That’s an easy answer actually…Plastic skeeves me out! Seriously I do NOT put anything that is hot and/or acid into plastic containers, even to mix briefly. I do a lot of storing food in glass canning jars for left overs and such and while I do have some plastic storage containers I use glass far more often that I use plastic. Acid and heat can leach the chemicals in the plastics out into your food. Not sure if you’re a fan of weird chemicals in your food, but I’m not. So that’s why I specify glass. I also don’t use anything that has non-stick coatings, and avoid aluminum for the most part too.

Ok, now let’s get started on this salad!

First off put your tomatoes in a large glass bowl:

Bread Salad: Tomatoes

Then cucumbers:

Bread Salad: Cucumbers

Red onions:

Bread Salad: Red Onion

Bell peppers:

Bread Salad: Bell Peppers

And feel free to use whatever color of bells you have on hand!

Next add sea salt, black pepper, olive oil and vinegar:

Bread Salad: Salt and Pepper

I chose to use a fine ground pepper this go around to really let the pepper get into the salad and give it a little zing!

Then the chopped parsley:

Bread Salad: Parsley

And last (but not least!) add the bread and Parmesan:

Bread Salad: Bread

I picked up the Challah bread at my local bakery, but you can certainly make it yourself if you prefer.

Toss it all together and serve immediately:

Bread Salad: Tossed

And remember this is really an eat it now sort of of salad! You can store everything but the bread for later. If you have left overs I would recommend picking the bread out, because it will just turn into mush as it absorbs the moisture from the salad.

Bread Salad

Notes: You can add in any vegetables that you like. Fresh corn would be great, or how about squash and/or zucchini. You could also add fresh oregano, thyme and/or rosemary.

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