Where to Eat: Piccadilly Pub

Piccadilly Pub

This morning Alexis and I headed over to New Haven. Yale was kind of neat, we drove around the campus and it’s a lot bigger than I expected, but there is a lot of construction and road work going on and there was no where to park. I asked a cop if there was any public parking and he grinned at me and said “Good luck with that!” So we took a spin around the campus to see the “sites” and then headed back north.

When we got back to Windsor I went to a restaurant for lunch that I had seen the other night that was a few exits up from our hotel, but it wasn’t open yet. So we got back on I-91 N and drove until I found something that looked interesting. We only went about 10 miles or so up the road, but without realizing it we passed in to Massachusetts and ended up in West Springfield. There was no sign on the Interstate saying we had passed into MA, nor was their a sign on the way back that said we had passed back in to Connecticut. When I got back to the hotel and pulled up the restaurant’s web site that was my first clue that Alexis and I had added a new state to our never been to list!

We came across a restaurant along the way called Piccadilly Pub and Alexis was amused by their building and their fall decorations so we stopped. Apparently they are a small chain and have several locations within Massachusetts. The restaurant was very quaint, with a homey, country sort of feel, and the service was great!

Now let’s talk about the food!

Piccadilly Pub: Lobster Bisque

Alexis got chicken tenders and french fries, which looked very good. I decided to go with the lobster bisque which was excellent! The soup was creamy, cheesy and had little bits of lobster throughout. The flavor was also very fresh which can be tricky when dealing with seafood. I’d definitely eat there again!

Tonight we’re heading over to Rhode Island for dinner. If the restaurant is any good, you’ll most likely hear about it tomorrow!

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