Where to Eat: Tavern on Main, Cepachet, Rhode Island

Tavern on Main Chepachet, RI

Being so close we decided that we wanted to go over to Rhode Island for dinner one evening. My thought was to head toward the ocean, but I finally decided the best course would be to find a town that was within an hour of Windsor. I got on Google maps and found a town that was in a relatively straight path (once you crossed the river) and within the hour time frame, which led me to the town of Foster, Rhode Island. I looked for restaurants on Google that were within the town and came up with a restaurant nearby in Gloucester, Rhode Island that looked promising so yesterday after Jamison left work we set out to have our little Rhode Island adventure.

The drive over was a gorgeous one through the Connecticut country side. The restaurant we had planned to go to was 10 miles across the border. When we arrived however they were locked up tight. We decided to drive a bit further to see if we might come across something else up ahead and had pretty much decided that our trip to Rhode Island was a bust when we entered the little town of Chepachet. We had planned to turn around and head back to Connecticut when we passed The Tavern on Main and I was instantly intrigued. Jamison grumbled a bit, but he consented to stop (This is not his favorite type of establishment, he prefers tried and true chains…Yes I know! ;oP) and I’m so glad we did!

The building that the restaurant is in is the most adorable old historical building that just exudes charm, even from the outside you are drawn in. It’s not only charming, but also very inviting. The inside is just as fabulous! The old world charm surrounds you immediately. There was a quilt that was on the wall that I just fell in love with. The light was very low so I didn’t even attempt to take a picture (it was difficult enough getting the ones for this post) but I stared at it the whole time we were there. Apparently Tavern on Main even has it’s own ghost! I have to admit though I didn’t sense anything like that in building and I’m usually pretty good about feeling that sort of thing, but maybe he (or she) had the night off! ;oP

The staff is also fabulous. The hostess was very inviting and our waitress was just amazing. She was great with Lex and Lex loved her too. And the food? The food was amazing! Lex got the chicken tenders (do you see a pattern forming with her dining out food?), Jamison had the New York strip steak and I had the Lazy Man’s Lobster and it was simply divine!

Tavern on Main Chepachet, RI: Lazy Man's Lobster

So if you ever find yourself in Chepachet, Rhode Island be sure and stop in at Tavern on Main…Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Chepachet, RI

Today is our last full day in Connecticut. Tomorrow morning we are heading up to Maine, and then will venture back across New Hampshire and Vermont and back into New York. We’ll spend the night somewhere in New York or Pennsylvania and then head back to Maryland on Sunday. We’ve had a really fabulous week. It passed so quickly!

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