Let’s Make a Gingerbread House!

Gingerbread Fangtasia

If you follow me on Twitter or FaceBook you’ve probably figured out I’m a HUGE fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I like the show ok too for the most part, but we won’t get in to my issues about the show here. If you’re really interested you can peruse the Musings category over at Daffodil Lane and see my thoughts on that subject, but the books are definitely my first love when it comes to this set of characters.

I also should tell you I’m firmly on Team Eric. I was from the very first book. My first thoughts when Eric came on the page were “Why the heck isn’t Sookie with him?” Bill is ok and he has grown on me, but I just don’t care for him with Sookie. I keep hoping he’ll find a nice girl elsewhere, but sadly my wants and desires aren’t figured in to the story! ;oP The little tidbit of my preference for Eric will become important in a moment when I explain my choice in gingerbread houses.

Most years I make a gingerbread house. It’s fun. One year I even made one for my friends as gifts. I took a few years off on the gingerbread front when Lex was smaller, but the past few years it has been fun to add her in to the mix and let her make her own gingerbread house too. It’s a fun tradition and one that we both look forward to.

Gingerbread True Blood Style: Fangtasia, Bill, Sookie and Eric

Alexis of course just made your standard gingerbread house, but a few days ago I had a fleeting thought that it would be fun to turn my gingerbread house into Fangtasia. I decided that it would be easy to add a Fangtasia sign and even make a gingerbread Eric, Sookie and Bill. I also decided to make a bite out of Bill’s head as if Eric had gotten fed up with him and taken a little nibble:

Gingerbread: Bill

Poor Bill! 😉 He looks a little emo here, but that’s ok too!

For Sookie I didn’t have the talent to make a Merlotte’s outfit, so she just got a dress, but I combined book Eric (pink spandex pants), with TV Eric (and his black tank top a la Skarsgard) even though I have to admit the tank was not one of my favorite outfits.

Gingerbread: Eric and Sookie

So basically you start out with a really good gingerbread recipe and then you just let your imagination go wild! And imagination is something I’ve never had a problem with! 😉

Construction is always fun! This go around I used small cookie cutters to make a relatively small gingerbread house. In the past I’ve made them as big at 8-12 inches for each piece, but these were more like 4-5 inches.

The first step was putting the walls up:

Gingerbread: Constructing

The walls are the easiest part. Gravity sort of makes them support each other. I like to let them dry 20-30 minutes before putting the roof on, because the roof can (and will!) cause the walls to collapse if you aren’t very careful.

This time the walls were square, with no triangular part for the roof to rest on and it just didn’t work. The roof kept falling down and taking the walls with it, so Alexis and I decided to make flat roofs instead. As you can see we added a chimney to hers and left mine flat:

Gingerbread: Ready to Decorate

And then you decorate!

Gingerbread: Creating

Royal icing works best to stick on all the candy and such. I put a row of peppermint kisses on the roof so I’d have something to rest the Fangtasia sign on and keep it upright:

Gingerbread: Creating

And considering we are talking icing here the Fangtasia sign didn’t turn out half bad either!

Gingerbread: Fangtasia

And Lex’s house turned out really cute too!

Lex's Gingerbread House

Should you wonder her gingerbread people are her and Jamison. Uncanny resemblance those! 😉

If you’ve never made a gingerbread house do try…It’s so much fun! It’s messy, but such a fabulous time that you won’t mind the mess…Much! 😉

You can eat your creation or you can leave it around to enjoy just looking at throughout the season, which is usually my choice. I make extra gingerbread to enjoy instead of the houses (or in this case vampire bar! ;oP)

Gingerbread Fangtasia

Now speaking of messes…If you’ll excuse me it looks like a gingerbread house exploded in my kitchen and I must remedy that situation. 😉

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