We Got How Much Snow??

What 28.25 Inches Of Snow Looks Like

We had a little storm this weekend. Not much snow mind you, just around 28.25 inches. But that’s not the kicker! The kicker is that we are supposed to get additional snow tomorrow in to Wednesday. How much snow? Depending on who you listen to anywhere from 8 to 16 additional inches of snow.

That’s a lot of snow Bob!

Don’t get me wrong I love snow, but when you’ve got this much snow there isn’t much you can do with it. You can’t really play in it, unless you like being sunk in to snow and basically once it starts drifting around you’ve got snow taller than your child.

Oh well. At least it’s pretty. And the icicles are always fun to look at.


Sparkle on little icicles. Sparkle on!

Originally posted at Daffodil Lane.

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