10 Things I have Discovered From Being Trapped Inside

1. Were the roads clear I would be perfectly content to sit here at home, since in reality I’m a homebody, but now that they are not clear and they are asking us to stay off the roads at all costs, my defiant side has cabin fever and wants to GO OUT NOW!

2. Being cooped up inside doesn’t seem to bother the tea cup, nor the big kid (aka my husband) at all. They do however have problems playing Wii together without arguing. It’s as if I have two children!

3. Laundry is never really done, since you’re wearing clothes as you think you’ve finished up.

4. This is the same with dishes, because there is always the next meal to make.

5. I’ve discovered that I can not stand to hear people chew. This little gem has really become obvious in the past 24 hours.

6. Shoveling this much snow, while good exercise, is a complete pain the ass quite literally. Along with being a pain in your back, thighs, arms, shoulders…Well you get the picture!

7. Having all this free time on my hands I would have thought to enjoy. Not so much.

8. Alexis is really a smart, heartfelt child. (See not all of these are just bitching! ;oP) Not that I didn’t know that already, but it has become more apparent over the past few days.

9. Snow cream isn’t as much fun when you’re the only one eating it. Jamison says he doesn’t like it and Alexis won’t try it. *sigh*

10. The sun while lovely, does not make 50+ inches of snow go away that fast. Melt baby! Melt!

Originally posted on Daffodil Lane.

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