New York City in the Spring

The Manhattan/Brooklyn skylines taken from the Staten Island Ferry:


Alexis finally got to see “her” Statue of Liberty. It was love at first sight!

Lady Liberty

Now I’ve got to get her over to the Eiffel Tower…. ;oP

The Globe sculpture that stood between the Twin Towers and was pulled from the wreckage:

WTC Globe

My understanding is that they are going to move this from Battery Park, back over to the new WTC site when it is complete.

Tulips on Broadway:

Tulips on Broadway

Grace Church:

Grace Church, New York

Grace Church, New York

I’ve always been fascinated with this church. It’s such a gorgeous building!

Another shot of Manhattan taken from the Staten Island Ferry:


And one of my little tea cup taking in the big city:


And yes she insisted on wearing her Wellies! She and those boots pounded the pavement and good! She liked riding in the cab better though!

New York in the spring? I highly recommend it! I had forgotten how vibrant that city is and how much I love it! I can’t wait to go back!

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