Where To Eat: Castillos, Etowah, Tennessee

Castillos: Menu
As I mentioned last week Alexis and I went on a little adventure to Grams and Pop’s house. We got to see Jamison’s mom too, as she lives close to my parents, as well as Darlene and several friends I hadn’t seen in years. We had a really good trip!

You’ve heard me mention in the past that I LOVE Mexican food! Seriously I never grow tired of it, though I don’t eat it that often. Donna (Jamison’s mom) came up and met us at my Mom’s house when we arrived and Grams, Grandma, Lex and I went out for a mini girl’s dinner at the local Mexican restaurant Castillos. We were having such a good time talking and laughing that I forgot to take pictures.

Later in the week Mom and I decided to get take out from Castillos so I could get some pictures to share. Mexican twice in a week? Why not?!!?!

Alexis opted to make a salad at home. She does that often. But I had the Vegetarian A plate:

Castillos: Vegetarian A

This consists of a bean burrito, a cheese enchilada and a tostada with refried beans and cheese dip. It was fabulous! On Sunday when we arrived I had the Chicken Fajita Nachos and those were really great too! But as I mentioned no picture of that one.

My Mom got the Yolandas:


This consists of three chicken enhiladas with cheese and ranchero sauce. It’s served with lettuce, tomatoes, gucamole and Mexican rice. Mom thought it was a bit spicy, but she likes things really mild. It looked really good.

And finally my dad got the Beef Taco Salad:

Castillos: Beef Taco Salad

The shell is filled with ground beef, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.

If you’re in Etowah or passing through then stop by and check out Castillos. They are located at 331 Tennessee Avenue and you’ll definitely be glad you did!