Where to Eat: Gondolier Pizza, Athens, Tennessee

Gondolier Pizza, Athens, Tennessee

Today I’m going to tell you about a restaurant I really enjoyed when I was growing up in Tennessee…Gondolier Pizza! When Lex and I were in Tennessee in April I didn’t get a chance to stop by, but when Jamison had to teach a class in Nashville in May, and Lex and I went back to my mom’s house while he was there, I made sure to stop by with my mom, Darlene and Alexis one day for lunch.

Growing up we often ate at Gondolier after church on Sunday. My sister and I would normally get a pizza with black olives and mushrooms, while my mom and daddy would sometimes get the buffet. Also a favorite of mine is their Greek Salad, which I have mentioned before.

This go around we got a pizza that was half house special and half black olives (which is Lex’s favorite variety of pizza):

Gondolier Pizza, Athens, Tennessee: Pizza

The toppings where just as I remember, as was the sauce! So delicious!

Gondolier Pizza, Athens, Tennessee: Pizza

We ended up getting a small pizza with black olives to take home since we demolished the pizza before Lex finished what she actually ordered.

To begin with I got a Greek Salad of course!

Gondolier Pizza, Athens, Tennessee: Greek Salad

It too was so delicious!

Gondolier has locations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. If you like good pizza, Italian food and an awesome Greek Salad and happen to be in one of the areas of their restaurants I highly recommend them!

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