We Had a Little Earthquake This Morning

We had a little earthquake this morning compared to West coast standards, but oh my! Color me unimpressed! I woke up about five minutes before it hit for some reason and was wide awake for the event. I honestly thought that a plane had crashed in to the side of the mountain! There was a ripple, then a rumble, then a boom and then the whole house shook! It woke Jamison and Alexis when the boom happened. I found out via Twitter from other DC area folks that we had indeed had an early morning visit from an earthquake.

Alexis thought this earthquake was the coolest thing ever and has been asking questions about earthquakes all day. I guess it’s a good learning experience if nothing else. We did not feel the aftershock, just the initial quake. I’m saying that her excitement about the quake makes her Jamison’s child…MY child would be more of the “Oh my god that was horrible!” line of thinking. ;oP

I’ve always said that only reason I wouldn’t live in California was the earthquakes, otherwise I think I’d like California just fine. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something. Hmmmm……

Originally posted on Daffodil Lane.

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