Strawberry Punch

Strawberry Punch

At our house birthday’s are a big thing. Jamison could take or leave a birthday and ignore the day all together and it wouldn’t phase him, but Alexis and I take our birthday’s seriously and we celebrate the entire day.

Alexis turned nine on June 24th. Nine. How is that even possible? How could she possibly be nine already? It seems like just yesterday she was born! Due to my class schedule we had to wait to have her friend birthday party on the 30th and I wanted a new punch to try.

A while back I saw something like this on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the exact recipe so I just went out on a limb as I often do. I got several compliments on how good this punch was, and as an added bonus Alexis thought it was cool because it was somewhat pink.

This is a good birthday punch or party punch. It’s festive and has a nice sweet/tart ratio. If you want something that is sure to be a hit, look no further, you’ve found it right here!

What You’ll Need:
2 cans of frozen pineapple juice concentrate
1 cup of powdered pink lemonade mix
1 half gallon container of strawberry ice cream
3 bottles of ginger ale

Strawberry Punch

In a large punch bowl mix together frozen pineapple juice, pink lemonade powder, 1/2 of the container of strawberry ice cream and one bottle of ginger ale. Stir until well mixed and the ice cream and pineapple juice have melted.

Stir the punch occasionally while serving. Add more ginger ale as needed. Add the other half of the strawberry ice cream after you’ve used 1/2 to 3/4ths of the second bottle of ginger ale. Stir until ice cream melts and you can continue to add ginger ale as needed.

And the most important thing about a birthday party?

Anything that makes her giggle with glee like she is above is a very good thing.

Notes: There are so many possibilities for this punch. To make it an adult type punch, add a bit of rum or vodka. You could also add in a couple of cups of strawberry puree if you wanted a bit more of a strawberry punch.