In Which My Child Stuns Me with Her Knowledge Of Japanese

Scene: We’re driving to Thurmont to return to our library books and then on to Frederick to pay rent. I’m signing along to music and Lex is playing on my iPod in the back seat when all of a sudden I hear her speaking something that sounds decidedly Japanese, recognizing the Japanese word for hello.

Me: Alexis what did you just say? That sounded like Japanese.

Lex: That’s because it was Japanese. First I said, “Hello. Do you have a menu in English?” and then I said, “How is your day?”

Me: Where in the world did you learn that?

Lex in her best “I’m rolling my eyes at you!” voice: Mom you do have language learning aps on your iPod including Japanese. I’ve been teaching myself to speak it so I can go visit.

Me stunned: You’re learning it by yourself?

Lex, patiently as if talking to a difficult three year old: I can read you know and I can listen. It doesn’t take much more than that. I’ve been doing it for a while now.

Mind. BLOWN!!!

Originally posted on Daffodil Lane.

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