Apocalypse Cocktails: End of the World Cherry Chocolate Martini

Apocalypse Coctails: End of the World Chocolate Cherry Martinis!

Apocalypse smapocalypse. It’s kind of amusing when people get all stirred up over something completely innocuous. Silly humans, we get riled up over the most basic things that are simply put out there by suggestion with no evidence to back it up. If there are aliens out there they are laughing at us I promise…hell I’M laughing at us! 😉


All of the hoopla about the Mayan calendar ending (or as I like to see it, the Mayan Y2K) made me start thinking about an end of the world cocktail! I posed the question on Facebook and asked if you were making such a cocktail what you’d put in it and I got the answers vodka, absinthe and moonshine. Vodka I actually had on hand, because well vodka is good, vodka is my friend! Then I saw some cherry juice at the grocery store and the cocktail idea flooded in soon after.

Chocolate and cherries? It’s like a Black Forest Cake in a cup!

What You’ll Need:
4 cups of black cherry juice, chilled
1 – 11.5 ounce bottle of Perrier, chilled
1 cup of Godiva Chocolate Vodka, from the freezer
1 cup of Whipped Cream Vodka, from the freezer

Mix ingredients in a large pitcher until well blended. Drink immediately or keep chilled in the fridge until ready to serve.

Notes: If you wanted to put a cherry in the drink that would be a neat addition, or you could rim the glass with sweetened cocoa, or top with whipped cream. I like this straight up though.