Pick a Side

Mom and Daddy

Since daddy has been in the hospital all of his tests except for the heart catherization have been in the gray area. The heart cath yesterday showed that there were no blockages in his heart, which while very good news still doesn’t tell us what actually happened. None of the tests have shown the reasons behind what occurred so the only option at this point is a defibrillator being inserted in his chest to give us some of an insurance that next time, if there is one, this would be harder to happen . His doctor teased him and said, “Dude. You’ve got to pick a side!” We all laughed at that. His doctor is awesome.

After we got home I started thinking about picking a side. As we go through life we all have sides..Christian, non-christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Democrat, Republican, one side, the other, up and down. There are sides, and we as humans divide ourselves into categories, with nice little labels that “define” us. (I’ll get in to my thoughts on what defines us at another time. Trust me that’s a long rant, but right now that is irrelevant.) We are each individuals, yet we long for a side.

So I’m going to pick some sides…

I’m picking the side that is against 2013. I’m not sure what side that is yet, maybe I’ll have to make a side myself, but that’s the side I’m picking.

I’m picking the side against my sister having breast cancer. That one is self explanatory.

I’m picking the side against heart problems.

I’m picking the side of puppies and kittens, sun and warmth, ice cream and chocolate, bunnies and chipmunks, oceans and seas, and most definitely any side that keeps my entire family healthy. All of us. That makes us a side too.

I’ve picked my sides.

Have you?

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