Unwrapped Eggroll Bowls

Unwrapped Eggrolls: Ready for Toppings
I love a good eggroll. Pork, chicken, shrimp…it doesn’t matter, but a really good eggroll is high on my list of things I search out. That being said, it’s extremely hard to find a really good eggroll. Some are greasy, some are tough, some taste weird. The perfect eggroll isn’t greasy, it has a crispy shell, but is easy to bite in to, and most importantly, the flavor has to meld. You can’t have too much of one thing, or another, that overpowers the rest.

There are a few places around here that make really good eggrolls. I know exactly where they are, and of course I make several varieties once in a blue moon, but I’m not going to lie, they’re messy, so I don’t make them often, yet oh so worth it when I do! Unwrapped Eggrolls: Shredded Carrots

This version takes the filling of the eggroll and allows you to tweak it any way you like, without frying, and without the mess. You can add in the things you like, and season it the way you want, and you have a healthy, meal in one bowl sort of dish, that is just perfect when you’re in a hurry, like say a weeknight. Try it…I think you’ll love it!

Unwrapped Eggrolls: Ready to Eat

What You’ll Need:
Meat of your choice: Ground pork, shredded chicken, shrimp, etc.
Vegetables of your choice: Shredded carrot, chopped cabbage, chopped onion, chopped celery, chopped mushrooms, shredded potato, etc.
Soy sauce
Rice wine vinegar
Sesame oil
Sea salt
Ground Pepper
Seasonings of your choice: I like Japanese 7 Spice and hot garlic chili oil
Toppings: Furikake, Yum Yum Sauce, Wasabi, etc.

Unwrapped Eggrolls: A Few of the Ingredients

In a large skillet, brown your meat in a little sesame oil, with some salt and pepper.

Unwrapped Eggrolls: Savoy Cabbage

Add vegetables, a generous splash or two of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and saute until vegetables are tender. Season with salt, pepper, and other seasonings, such as Japanese 7 Spice or chili oil, if you like.

Unwrapped Eggrolls: Mushrooms and Celery and Onion, Oh My!

To serve, scoop some of the mixture in to a bowl and top with furikake, Yum Yum sauce, Wasabi, a bit more soy sauce or rice vinegar, more seasonings, whatever you like.

Unwrapped Eggrolls: Japanese Seven Spice

Notes: This really is a mix and match dish. There are no wrong answers. If you like it, then add it in.

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