Chicken Soup a la Alexis

Chicken Soup A La Alexis

“Mommy I want to make some chicken soup.”


“And I want it to have big chunks of chicken.”

“Anything else?”

“And salt, pepper, peas, corn, onion and leeks.”

“Is that all?”

“Oh and egg noodles!”

“Sounds good.”

“And when we get finished I want you to take a picture of my soup and put it on your ‘bog’!”

So we made some soup just as she asked and I’m sharing it with you now. Why stifle creativity? ;o)

What You’ll Need:
Extra virgin olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 small carrot, chopped
1 leek, chopped
A pinch of sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 boneless skinless chicken breast
At least 1 quart of chicken broth
1 cup of frozen peas
1 cup of frozen corn
1-2 cups of whole grain egg noodles

Saute onion, carrot and leek with a pinch of sea salt until onions are tender. Add chicken breasts and chicken broth and cook until chicken is done through. Remove from soup and cut the chicken into chunks and then return to broth. Add peas and corn and cook until they are unfrozen (about 5 more minutes). Add noodles and cook until tender. Serve immediately.

Notes: Thyme would be a good addition to this soup. Any other veggies you wanted to add in would be good as well.

How Sleeping Beauty and Han Solo Became a Couple…Otherwise Known As Cake Plan B

The Cake

The cake turned out nothing as I had envisioned, but they rarely do. I had to scrap the fondant plan and go with regular icing (I add in a teaspoon of almond flavoring too), because even though I thought I could figure it out, when push came to shove I didn’t have enough time to actually make it work.

For the creatures I decided to use gum paste instead and quickly found out that they were too heavy. The dragon ended up staying in gum paste, but as you can see his head sort of collapsed over onto the fire he was breathing:

Fire Breathing Dragon

I thought he was cute none the less, so I kept him.

The prince and the princess were just too heavy for gum paste and started toppling over. First thing Saturday morning Jamison’s mom, Alexis and I set off to Target to get a prince and princess. Alexis chose Sleeping Beauty as the princess, but they don’t make a prince doll, so we made due with Han Solo…(It was either him or Captain Jack Sparrow and I decided Han looked more princely! Don’t tell Princess Leia though, she might not be too happy about the match up! 😉 )

Sleeping Beauty

Han Solo To The Resue!

I ended up going with the old school chocolate cupcakes (Thanks again Garrett!) I mentioned the other day for the actual cupcakes and the middle layer of the cake. (Note: There were going to be two chocolate layers, but one of them committed suicide by jumping into a sink full of dirty dishes/water. What can you do?) The top and bottom layer of the cake are yellow cake.

Up Close


All in all we had a lovely party. Alexis loved her cake and that’s all that mattered in the end and she ended up with a princess and “handsome prince” to play with afterwards. There was food, balloons, bling and Alexis and her friends had fun making merry. What more can you ask for?


Birthday Time!

It’s hard to believe, but my little girl is turning four on the 24th of this month. Time just goes by so quickly! Most days anyway! 😉

This weekend we are celebrating by throwing her her annual birthday bash! We normally do her party the week before her birthday so this weekend is the big day!

For Alexis’ first birthday I simply ordered a cake. I was in my last semester of undergrad and had a project due that week so I didn’t have time. I was true to form, very disappointed with the cake. The theme for her first birthday was a faerie theme and I ordered a cake with perhaps the most famous faerie of all in the form of Tinkerbelle. The cake itself was ok and the decoration was ok too, but it felt somewhat unbirthday like to me because I bought it and it wasn’t stellar. To me birthday’s should be stellar and homemade doesn’t hurt either!

By the time her second birthday rolled around I was done with undergrad and I had a lot more time on my hands. The theme for her second birthday was ladybugs, so there was no question that she would get a ladybug cake!

Alexis Birthday #2 Lady Bug Cake

A bit dorky looking, but cute none the less. I made the small ladybug for her using an oven safe Pyrex bowl and we served cupcakes for the rest of the crowd.

Last year the theme was a tea party theme and I made her her own little teapot!

Alexis Birthday #3 Tea Pot Cake

I was much happier with how it turned out. I again used oven proof Pyrex bowls, but in this case I used two and put them together to make the round teapot shape. There were also cupcakes for the crowd.

This year the theme as chosen by Alexis is a princess theme. The cake this year will be a castle. I emailed Garrett over at Vanilla Garlic to ask if he had a chocolate cupcake recipe he could recommend since he is after all the cupcake expert and he graciously suggested this recipe. I baked up a test round as a sheet cake and it turned out fabulously! Alexis loved it and so did Jamison and I.

To make the castle I’m going to use layers of the chocolate cake linked above and the angel food recipe that I used last year. The cake will be covered with this marshmallow fondant recipe that I found, which I might add is to die for! The cake will have turrets, a princess, a prince, a moat, a dragon and such and who knows what else I’ll dream up or Alexis will ask for between now and then! I’m also going to make a batch of cupcakes.

Needless to say this week is going to be sort of busy. If you don’t see me around the blog you’ll know why! 😉