Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

I made a comment on Twitter/FaceBook yesterday about wanting to make a new quilt, but not wanting to cut out blocks. You see the cutting part is my least favorite part of the entire process! That led us down the who does, who doesn’t, who wants to path, so I thought it would be fun to share the quilts I’ve finished for Alexis and ones that are still works in progress. So here it goes!

So click below the fold and let’s talk some quilts!

Keep in mind that all of Alexis’ quilts are made to use and use them she does! They’ve been used and washed many, many times so they are starting to show some love marks! 😉

First I’ll show you the first quilt I made for Alexis before she was born:

Moon and Stars Quilt

This quilt hung on the wall in her room in our old house. Since the past two moves though it has ended up in bed with her since her room has taken on a fairy theme.

Some nights she covers herself up with it, some nights she uses it to cover her “friends”. (Also know as the menagerie of stuffed animals she piles into bed with her!)

A close up of the moon:

Moon and Stars Quilt

I wish now I had made the eyes, nose and mouth a bit darker. It shows up perfectly when you’re looking at it in person, but the camera doesn’t pick it up that well.

One of the stars:

Moon and Stars Quilt

And a shot of the back:

Moon and Stars Quilt

I love how you can make two faces to a quilt when you appliqué using satin stitch. You have a front picture and a back picture!

As you can see I just did a squiggle stitch to do the actual quilting. All of my quilts have been machine quilted.

The next quilt that I made for Alexis was a duck quilt:

Duck Quilt

I finished this one about two weeks before she was born and it is the quilt we took to the hospital and brought her home with. If I was making this one today I would have done some quilting around the ducks in the “water”.

A close up of one of the ducks:

Duck Quilt

The back of this one is solid yellow so it doesn’t photograph well, but in person you can see the outline of the ducks on the back too. Alexis also sleeps with this one too.

The next quilt I made for her was several years later. I started this one when she was two and finished it sometimes between her turning 3 and 4. I can’t remember the exact dates. This one is a Sunbonnet Sue and Sam quilt:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

On this quilt most of it was free handed. Sue was from a pattern. I can’t remember which company. Some of the bugs might have been from patterns too, though the snail I know for sure I free handed, I think…Who knows? It’s been a while! The tree, the sun, Sam, the grass, the flowers, etc. were all me.

The sun:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Sun

The butterfly:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Butterfly

The dragonfly:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Dragonfly

The sunflower and the bee:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Sunflower and Bee

The ladybug:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Ladybug


Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Sam

Miss Sue:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Sue

The snail:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Snail

The tree top:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Tree Top

And last but not least the back:

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam: Back

Apparently some people don’t like you to look at the backs of their quilts, but I don’t mind…I think they are pretty on both sides!

This Sue and Sam quilt is probably one of the most favorite that I’ve ever made!

The next quilt I made for Alexis was a “travel quilt”. A few years ago we thought we were going to go to Ireland and I wanted her to have a quilt she could take with her on the plane to sleep with. The trip ended up being postponed when Jamison got a new job, but the quilt still made it into being. Keep in mind Alexis picked out the material for this one and oh man is it bright!


You sure?

The travel quilt!:

Travel Quilt

She uses this quilt with her Aerobed kids mattress.

Here’s a close up:

Travel Quilt: Up Close

Again wild colors! I would never have thought these up, but she loves them!

And the back:

Travel Quilt: Back

I just followed the shapes on the front. Nothing fancy, but it turned out nice.

Now let’s take a look at some works in progress! Keep in mind they have been folded for a while and desperately need to be ironed.

I started this one in 1998 or 1999 for our guest bedroom:

Red, White & Blue

As you can see all it really needs is for the red border to be added to the other 3 sides and for it to be quilted. I’ve moved this quilt top five times. One of these days you’d think I’d finish it already!

A closeup view of the inner diamond:

Red, White & Blue

And a closeup of one of the hearts:

Red, White & Blue

This is a baby quilt I started working on so I’d have a top ready to go:

Baby Quilt

As you can see there on the left the border is pinned on that side, but hasn’t been attached. All I need to do is sew down that seam and the press it flat and this one would be a finished top. I’ve moved it several times just like that. I have many of these works in progress things. I get side tracked easily!

A close up of the baby quilt:

Baby Quilt

Another baby quilt:

Another Baby Quilt

This one could be quilted as is or a border could be added. I’ve just never have gotten around to doing either.

This one I started for Grant (my nephew) after he was born:

Grant's Zebra Quilt

It’s a completed quilt top. Just needs to be quilted, you know maybe before he’s 25! 😉

Here’s a closer view:

Grant's Zebra Quilt

This is one quilt block that I made to see how I liked the overall pattern:

Quilt Block

Loved it! Never have got back to making anymore, though I’d like to make enough for a whole quilt!

These are some funky heart blocks:

Heart Block

Heart Block

Made a few of them before I decided my sanity was more important than putting these damn things together!

And this is a quilt I started last year one day when a tropical storm was blowing through:

"Recycle" Quilt: Where Blue Jeans Become A Quilt!

Obviously I didn’t want to be outside so I thought it was the perfect quilting day! I call it my “recycled” quilt because I am taking old pairs of jeans and pairing them with a print to make the quilt.

I have three rows sewn together and more rows that are sewn that just need to be added. I’m making this big enough to fit our king sized bed. It should be perfect for winter! (If I ever finish it that is!)

Here’s a close up:

"Recycle" Quilt: Where Blue Jeans Become A Quilt!

It’s simple, but then again simple isn’t a bad thing! I will most likely make this a “tie” quilt, rather than quilting it all over to make it more rustic.

And this is the watermelon quilt I started putting together right before Lex’s birthday:

Watermelon Quilt

I had grand plans to finish this before her birthday, but you know what they say about plans.

I’ve had this quilt in my head for years. As soon as I saw the fabric I knew what I wanted to do. I cut out big squares and freehanded the watermelon on paper and then cut them out. The main blocks are sewn together and the watermelon are ironed on. I will satin stitch around them during the quilting process. I’ll most likely add a border too.

A close up of the watermelon:

Watermelon Quilt

So that’s it for now. I have other quilts started here and there, but digging them out is the key! But that’s that for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed a peak into my quilting!

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Ready for Tomorrow

The presents are wrapped!

Presents Ready to Go

The tutu is done!


Tomorrow Miss G turns 6!

A few days ago someone I follow on Twitter posted a “no sew” make your own tutu. Last year I tried to make Alexis a tutu, complete with bedazzling, but it ended up looking more like a tulle skirt and less like the glorious tutu I had in my head. When I saw this version I knew I wanted to try and see if I couldn’t make something a little better. This definitely fit the bill!

I choose a dark blue and a light blue since blue is Lex’s favorite color. I alternated them as I put them on the elastic. I cut the strips at 48 inches so that when doubled over it would be roughly 24 inches.

Cutting Strips for the Tutu

Once I had my strips cut and the elastic measured and put together I was ready to go!

Strips for Tutu

I also used two pieces of tulle on each color as I alternated. Cutting out the strips actually took longer than putting the tutu together itself. Adding the tulle to the elastic took roughly 30 minutes. Cutting the tulle took about 45.

Along with the tutu Alexis is also getting some books, an emperor penguin snow globe (she collects snow globes), a penguin mood ring and a butterfly garden. I will put the presents in her room after she goes to sleep and we’ll open them first thing in the morning.

Have I mentioned how it’s hard for me to believe that six years have passed?

More tomorrow.

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