Snow Shadows

Snow Shadows

Snow Shadows

I love to take pictures of shadows on snow. At least that amuses me with all this white stuff on the ground! You have to look for the beauty in nature when you’re really just not liking Mother Nature much at the moment.

Now Mother Nature I’ve given you a compliment. Be a doll and cancel the snow on Sunday and Monday would you? 😉

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The Sun! Oh How I Missed You, You Sparkly Orb of Warmth!

The sun! Oh how I missed you, you sparkly orb of warmth!

We’re supposed to hit a balmy 33 degrees today! Melt snow, melt! We ended up with an additional 25 inches of snow with this storm for a total of 53 since Friday. More snow is forecast for Sunday night in to Monday. And there is buzz about an ice storm in 10 days.




Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few days to figure out how to become independently wealthy so I can hop the next plane to Hawaii before this stuff hits again! ;oP

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We Got How Much Snow??

What 28.25 Inches Of Snow Looks Like

We had a little storm this weekend. Not much snow mind you, just around 28.25 inches. But that’s not the kicker! The kicker is that we are supposed to get additional snow tomorrow in to Wednesday. How much snow? Depending on who you listen to anywhere from 8 to 16 additional inches of snow.

That’s a lot of snow Bob!

Don’t get me wrong I love snow, but when you’ve got this much snow there isn’t much you can do with it. You can’t really play in it, unless you like being sunk in to snow and basically once it starts drifting around you’ve got snow taller than your child.

Oh well. At least it’s pretty. And the icicles are always fun to look at.


Sparkle on little icicles. Sparkle on!

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What We Woke Up To…

A humongous thunderstorm with massive cross line winds!

Thanks thunderstorm! We didn't need that umbrella anyway.

As you can see it took out our umbrella and several tiles on our patio table.

When we ventured down the hill to church we also discovered that the heavy rain had washed part of the driveway down the hill and our already bumpy, communal driveway is now even more bumpy!

Mother nature is not to be messed with!

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