New York City in the Spring

The Manhattan/Brooklyn skylines taken from the Staten Island Ferry:


Alexis finally got to see “her” Statue of Liberty. It was love at first sight!

Lady Liberty

Now I’ve got to get her over to the Eiffel Tower…. ;oP

The Globe sculpture that stood between the Twin Towers and was pulled from the wreckage:

WTC Globe

My understanding is that they are going to move this from Battery Park, back over to the new WTC site when it is complete.

Tulips on Broadway:

Tulips on Broadway

Grace Church:

Grace Church, New York

Grace Church, New York

I’ve always been fascinated with this church. It’s such a gorgeous building!

Another shot of Manhattan taken from the Staten Island Ferry:


And one of my little tea cup taking in the big city:


And yes she insisted on wearing her Wellies! She and those boots pounded the pavement and good! She liked riding in the cab better though!

New York in the spring? I highly recommend it! I had forgotten how vibrant that city is and how much I love it! I can’t wait to go back!

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Pictures From Friday

On Friday Alexis and I ventured into DC to meet up with some friends from Tennessee. Alexis ended up falling twice and injuring her leg so we didn’t get to see them. I really hate that. But we had fun until she did fall!

Here are a few pictures I took. I so miss my DSLR. *SIGH* But they turned out ok none the less.





Friday morning was absolutely beautiful! In the mid 70’s with a nice breeze! Just lovely! I think I’ll wait until the fall to venture back over though…People everywhere!

Most importantly Alexis got to see “her ruby slippers” so as far as she is concerned all is right in the world.

If only it would stay that easy! 😉

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